Logotype för Världsarvsgården Erik-Anders

Garden café at Erik-Anders

The sun is shining in the courtyard, the bumblebees are buzzing and it smells freshly baked. We have endeavored to get the raw materials for the coffee from the garden and from farmers and food producers in the surrounding area so that you can experience the taste of Hälsingland.

You can have coffee and eat either among the flowers in the lovely garden or inside the cozy café. Here you can choose from home-baked coffee bread, pastry goods from the ancient Town Hall Confectionery in Söderhamn, hearty sandwiches and lunch. Or why not try a classic Hälsinge cheesecake?

The flour for the cakes and bread comes from Olle at Skogsliden's KRAV-marked farms in Norraladalen and Annika at Skale Skafferi's cultured grain farm in Söderala. The cheese on the lunch plate is cheesed at Byamejeriet in Rengsjö and the salmon is smoked by Dennis at Skärså smokehouse, where generations of fishermen have served the town with fish.

The coffee, of course, comes from the local coffee roastery Hälsingekaffe, a coffee that is slowly roasted for an extra care that preserves the flavor of the bean for a long time. The beans themselves are so good that we usually make chocolates from them. If you'd rather enjoy something cool, we recommend the local must on apples or apple/rhubarb, homemade juice or why not a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly?


It can be a challenge to get with a walker or wheelchair over the thresholds and between coffee tables, but we are happy to help you. You can reach the lodge with a ramp and we are happy to accommodate larger groups with reduced mobility. There is a rwc on the ground floor, between the shop and the cafe.

For pre-booked groups, we can also serve local beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Coffee with a clear conscience

The farm has existed for 200 years and is an important part of the local cultural environment. Our sustainability work is based on a holistic awareness, where we care for cultural monuments as well as the environment in and around the farm. This means that we:

    • Builds a sustainable local community through collaboration with local producers who work responsibly and consciously around sustainability
    • Is a workplace for a socially sustainable environment, where employees are welcomed based on their individual circumstances, where pre-school students, students who have their first job or people in transition can be accommodated together with seasoned staff with experience from the capital's most luxurious restaurants and the world of fjällvärlden's cafes. The common factor is that the heart is involved. We love what we do and do not compromise on quality.
    • Plans menus according to season, reduced wastage and reduced transport. Mainly transport the raw materials by electric car.
    • Cleans with materials that are friendly to nature and the old premises
    • Sorts the waste to return as much as possible to the right fraction – returnable glass, metal collection, paper collection, plastic collection, hazardous waste and of course, the important compost that allows the soil to receive new nutrients.

Groups, events and dinners

There are around thirty seats in the cafe. If you are visiting us in larger groups, we are happy to prepare coffee, food and drinks so that it will be smooth for everyone. There is also the possibility to sit in larger groups in the lodge.

We are happy to receive groups booked for coffee, farm tour, lunch, dinners and conferences. Appointments outside of regular hours can also be booked.

Contact us to pre-book your place.

The kitchen garden

The kitchen garden behind the finance building is like a work of art with beautiful flowers and vegetables in harmony. This year's theme for 2024 is purple.

Much is grown here that is taken advantage of in our Garden Café.